Found Book (posted on behalf of Drew)

The idea of combining book-forms really appealed to me for this homework project. I looked over the samples we made and decided to insert mini-pamphlets into a Venetian blind/palm leaf style fold. I really enjoyed the physical structure of both these styles, but I had some reservations too – would the book be able to close?

The theme for the book went through many iterations in my head. My first instinct was “found poetry” by collecting some tidbits of things I’ve read or heard. Then it became the “poetry of found objects” such as dents and cat turds. I didn’t feel much like concentrating on the alleyway behind my apartment for inspiration, so eventually it became more like “things you might find around the house” or even better! A Miniature Book of Things You Might Like to Find. This is the theme I finally decided on, and I was able to easily fill up the pamphlet pages with pleasant surprises.

On the reverse side of the pamphlet, I pasted a picture that shows miniature diorama of a front yard. I hope this visual ties together the miniature-theme. But really, I think it just looks nice when you prop up the Venetian blinds on their side. After I finished it all and tied it up with waxed linen thread, I was happy to see that the book closes perfectly – success!

Posted on behalf of Drew Robison)

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I really enjoyed how you worked these two (three?) styles together. I think they fit nicely into one cohesive whole, and the closure was a great idea. Well done!

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