Finding the answer

Free-associating around the word “Found” I thought along the lines of a treasure hunt, with clues. Much as I tried to bend that idea into the shape of a book, a treasure hunt suggests hiding things in different places along a trail, and that didn’t seem to lend itself to a book form. So, I segued into the idea of a riddle, which also has clues that help you to find something – in this case, an answer – and I decided to go with that.

Thinking about the book forms we learned in the last class, a matchbook seemed to suggest a kind of discovery, with its fold over and its little flap to hold it closed. Since I was working around a riddle, I wanted the book to be fun, so I used different, brightly colored paper for each clue and for the answer. I also tried to add to an element of the unexpected by binding the book quite demurely, so that the bright splashes of color inside the book come as a bit of a surprise. With something like this – working towards finding an answer – the hierarchy more or less takes care of itself, but I tried to help it along by playing around with word images a bit, and by introducing a completely different visual element at the end.

1 comment
  1. meredithpurvis said:

    Your book is quite beautiful, and I love the contrast between the more quiet covers and the bright interior. Nicely done!

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