I had so much fun experimenting with the different binding styles we explored last week that I had trouble choosing one for the lost project.

The perfect bind was the right fit for what I wanted to accomplish with my lost book. I feel that we all are lost in way and that’s a great thing because it allows us to be life long learners. With that in mind I sat out to create a journey full of constant discovery.

My goal was to collect materials that look like they could be resilient enough to sustain a long journey but also deliver a clean look. I used a tweed jewelry bag, a coffee cup sleeve, striped notebook paper, glue, and corduroy.

The corduroy acts as the casing of the book, which is then hidden inside of the coffee sleeve. The covered book then is placed inside of the bag and tied in a knot making it lost. Finding the book is the first step of the process. The second is decoding the text to find my special message on being lost.

The project was a success.lost

  1. comptonqueen said:

    It’s a po’ dog dat don’t wave his own tail. I love your assessment of your own work. I love the illustrations. They is on it!

  2. meredithpurvis said:

    I love how far you took this concept, from text on the page to the physical discovery of the book. I also like how nicely all those disparate materials fit together–their colors and textures belong. Nice job.

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