Scroll By Accident

It’s hard to say exactly how my scroll came to be what it is. I found a picture book of the 1960s at Bookthing this weekend and started trying to make stuff out of that. I wound up with a scroll. I wrote a poem containing the word “lost” and planned to use white out to write the poem on the scroill. That didn’t work out. I threw words and streaks and splashes across the scroll obscuring the image and wrote the poem in the middle.

It’s enjoyable to write a poem without binding myself to a traditional “page”. It’s a good way to try things out. I decided I had never written a poem the way Anne Waldman writes poems so I did, repeating words and phrases in a kind of circular motion. Her poems are like the ocean or the way the world feels when it’s about to spin off of its axis. I wanted to catch a little of that kind of energy.

Then I revised the poem to fit on the scroll.

1 comment
  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I love that you worked with the scroll form and bend it to what you were going for conceptually. The scroll can feel so antiquated, but you do a good job of making it feel more contemporary. Nice job!

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