My Flag Book

The hardest part of about these projects for me is just coming up with the idea of what to do. I started to make a mini-book but quickly decided against it. Eventually I decided on a flag book. It just happened that I have a giant pile of old magazines lying around my apartment; specifically Poets and Writers. I thought what better magazine to destroy for a book. I started by cutting out all the faces of all the writers they had profiled. Then I took the faces I had cut out and glued them onto to a large sheet of paper and cut the paper into the strips for the flag. My idea was to put lost in the end of the book and have the word be more revealed with every page turn.


The biggest problem I discovered was keeping the paper together. The glue held for the most part but it took awhile to get each layer glued together and held together. I inserted a thick strip of construction paper to help hold it together and I think after much effort its together for good.   

1 comment
  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I like this concept of using collage to generate images for a book–it’s a good way to generate art. And I like the idea of revealing the word “lost” so that, in a way, your reader is “finding” the lost. Well done!

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