My dog at my homework

My first idea for this assignment was to take a picture on an empty table and tell you that I lost my project. I laughed about this for about four days and then decided I should probably make a book.

For some reason (probably because I was thinking of ways to not do this project) the phrase “my dog at my homework” kept slipping into my thoughts. I decided to run with this. When we were in class last week learning the Turkish Fold, the finished product reminded me of an animals mouth with all the folds looking like teeth. So I made a Turkish Fold book and colored the paper black. I used an old folder for the book’s cover because it was a stiff but light option. Then, I found an old, red folder that I had in my desk and used this to make a (kinda, sorta) accordion fold tongue for the dog.

By this time I was kind of getting into the project and decided to really scavenge found items around my apartment. A box my sunglasses came in, some more folder paper, tape, glue, a southern accent for some reason, and a couple paperclips later, I had a strange dog looking thing. I like him. He used to stand up with the support of his paperclip legs, but he’s getting a couple days older now, and I think he’s suffering from hip dysplasia. He spends a lot more time lying down. Hopefully I won’t have to have him put down before class.

My favorite part of this project, though, was how much more time I spent invested in it than I thought I would. I started to get into the project, which honestly I did not foresee coming. More and more ideas started to come to me while I was in the process of making it, and this was a cool feeling.


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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I loved seeing what you did with this project. It’s cool how the book (literally) grew legs and took on a life of its own, and I appreciate that you wound up working with multiple forms and even letting the book become more sculptural. Nicely done!

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