Lost Book–Maps Not Included

When I first thought about the “Lost” book this week, I wanted to do something with maps. I felt sure I had an old book of maps hanging around my apartment, but it is actually lost…what are the odds?

After my missing-map-mourning period, I realized that the Univocal project I was working on for my experimental forms class was actually a story about Bob, the Lost Cowboy. I decided this would be fun to work with instead of the maps.

I settled on a flag book because I wanted to chop up the short story and take the paragraphs and make them the “flags” of the book. I then layered these flags with other colorful pieces of paper (behind the text), and added a cut magazine page to the mix (in front of the text). What I was hoping to accomplish—and I think I did to some extent—is that while the text is there and the story is in order, the magazine images and colored paper hides the text to some extent. The story is “lost” in the making of the book to some extent.

It was a good lesson in flag book making because I think this work was a vast improvement over the one I created in class last week (and I’m getting better with the ruler-exacto-knife situation), but I want to push my next book a bit. I think this book is perfectly adequate of course, but I really want to try something new with next week’s book and see if I can’t experiment with the forms a little more.

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I enjoyed looking through your “lost” book. It’s interesting to see the different interpretations people have–whether it’s the idea of maps and being physically lost or something like what you’ve done, where the loss is more about the physical presence of the text. Nice job!

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