Eight Lost Things (posted on behalf of Koko)

The process for constructing my new book, Eight Lost Things, was similar to my approach towards all things. Ideas ride around in my head for a couple days before they find egress. It is pretty much a predictable process of idea germination, a straightforward activity. Once I discovered that I was going to write about the concept of lost from a variety of approaches, I came up with a structure of eight categories that captured some of the major ideas about “lost” things, people, time, etc. I gathered pictures to illustrate the categories of “lostness” using the Perfect Bound book format to assemble the book. I love finding lost images tucked away in the recesses of my mind—good luck charms of memory.

Dear Self, what not to do. Don’t use different weights of paper. The paper doesn’t lay right. I probably had the paper grains going in two different directions (warp fighting weft). Also, the duct tape was an after thought because my end papers were cut too short. Because I did not use a publishing program other than Microsoft Word, which I am probably using to 1/10 of its capacity to generate text and images. It came out really tacky.

What I did like was my cover design. I love painting freehand. I pasted the pleather to an old manila folder, and then painted it. Additionally, because I love spelling words differently, rearranging them and creating anagrams.

I also liked my book’s content.

I will be more patient with myself next time.

K. Zauditu-Selassie

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I really enjoyed your book this week. The concept is really solid, even if you ran into some troubles with the physical materials. I had fun looking at all these different lost things. Nice job!

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