Project Lost

When the assignment was presented in class, I immediately knew I wanted to work with the “Snake Book” form. For me, it seemed like the most natural form to work in for a book that was to have a lost theme.


I also knew that I wanted to use some sort of found piece of paper (I was hoping for bigger) to create this book. I was thinking I’d keep my eyes out for an old atlas page or something. Then, I would draw arrows on it and make it look cool and confusing.


I altered my plans because a sudden inspiration. I had a large brown sheet of paper hanging on the wall in my bedroom. I acquired the sheet of paper from the art store—they had used it to roll up a poster board I had purchased. I liked it so I hung it up blank. Several weeks later, I decided to draw on the paper with pastels. The drawing was like many of mine: colorful, geometrical, and strange. But there was something about it that was offsetting. In some way, I felt it wasn’t finished ( I wish I would have taken a picture of it so post here : / ).


I decided to use it to create my snake book and it turned out to be really cool altered in that way. This is super awesome for me because it incorporates two principles I try to be faithful to when creating art: use what you got, and use everything. I like how I took a piece of art that I didn’t like that much and turned it into something I can be proud of.


I added painters blue tape to make the pages and cover more defined. One style that I really like is “DIY”—work that is clearly made my hand but sort of hip in its own right.


Once I finished the book, the colorful juxtaposed shapes and lines inspired me to also include words forming a wondering poem.


I am learning more and more that I truly enjoy and am passionate about making books. I’m getting excited.

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I enjoyed looking through your “Lost” book. It’s great that you took the snake book and blew it up, really working with something so large. It’s interesting to see how it could be sort of ungainly unfolded–this very expansive, meandering thing, but that it folds down into something that makes perfect sense and feels so contained. Nice job!

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