Lost: WhatthefuckdoIdonowville

I originally thought about making a flag book. It just seemed like the perfect fit. I could purposely leave parts of the content out as “missing/lost.” But I didn’t know hat content I wanted to use. Did I want to write about the time I lost my favorite toy? Or make a list of all the things I’ve lost over the years? Should I write a short story about a middle child who is constantly getting lost, left behind? While trying to decide my content, the serpentine book crept into my head. I tried to push it out, not being a fan of that style. It’s weird and unfolds funny. I don’t know, I just didn’t like it. I tried to make the flag book work, but no content was jumping out at me. Then the serpentine book popped back in my head. It’s winding text block reminded me of a board game like Candy Land where you’re trying to get from one end to the other. A map! Directions! I had an idea. How about making a book about being metaphorically lost? I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I feel lost a lot of the time. I decided my book would be about someone just kind of floundering through life with no real purpose. I used GoogleMaps as a reference for easy to follow directions and stole some vocab from the site. Then inspiration struck. I drew a map on the reverse side, so that when you open the entire book up and unfold everything you have directions on one side, and a map on the other. The protagonist’s path on this map takes the form of a question mark, a great symbol for being lost and confused.

The concept met the physical realm perfectly. I’m just glad I got the inspiration about the map before I cut the paper. It would have been really difficult to draw the map with the paper cut up already. The only thing that didn’t turn out perfectly was my inability to spell certain things when I’m writing quickly (this is why I usually write with a pencil. Pens and sharpies are permanent). It also didn’t help that I was watching TV while putting the book together. Too many distractions. I think the book came together very nicely.

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    This is such an interesting idea, and I love that you made use of both sides of the snake book. It’s very easy to relegate one side to being blank, but you expanded it and forced the book to inhabit its whole self. Well done!

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