Lost and Found

The first option was to watch two episodes Charlie Brown Valentine’s on television, then choose a book form.  I had been thinking of Charlie Brown early this morning for no reason at all.  I had also been thinking about the content of this “lost and found” project.  I quickly eliminated the Turkish book.  It scared me a little in class.  I opted for the snake book, much less frightening in folds and aesthetic.  I began with orange construction paper, 9″x12.”  It was relatively easy to score the paper in thirds and fourths.  Cutting a piece of cookie box and Diet Coke cardboard was much more challenging.  I found myself ruler-impaired.  Measurement-impaired.  I wiped out the cookie box in three tries, then went on to a 12-pack container of Diet Coke.  It took two attempts before I could figure out how to measure and cut 3″x3.”  Embarrassing but true.  I covered the covers with decorative card paper, something reddish, warm and questioning.  So then I had my pages and covers ready to go.  Content was next.

I like the idea of lost and found.  I considered writing about my father, but I did a lot of that last semester in Marion’s class.  So I decided to write about finding something else, something else that I’d lost or never had: a home.  I’ve moved a lot in adulthood; my family moved a lot in my childhood.  I’ve almost been in Baltimore as long as I’ve been in any one place: 4.5 years and counting.  Once I get to 5, this’ll be the record.  And I might stay much longer.  So I used words and images to narrate this process of wandering and finding, wandering and finding and leaving, wandering and perhaps staying.  …of something a priori lost, that is never known, and now found for the first time.  It’s unsettling – all this losing and finding – so the images are not squared on the pages nor are they consistent or repetitive.  I purposely glued Colorado upside down since that was where and how I lived for two years before moving to Baltimore.  The book begins with Colorado and journeys through addictions and love and running before landing on a tenuous yet hopeful finale with Baltimore and “home.”  A little cheesy at the end, perhaps.

I enjoyed the project of creating this book and felt myself leaning into its content more than I expected.  I like fitting form to content and vice versa.  I also like the feel of the supplies in my hands on a Saturday night: grounding and demonstrative of the dance between form and content.  I look forward to seeing everyone else’s creations Tuesday night, maybe with a Charlie Brown-ish denial or desire of something lost and found.  Until then, bye peeps!

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I really enjoyed learning about your process for this book. It is interesting to see how developing the form led into the content, but how the content still stands on its own. Nice job!

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