The word “lost” and the task of making something with paper made me think of maps, mazes, lost children on milk cartons, and flyers for lost weight, lost items, or lost pets. I made a maze last week, know a few people making maps, and am saddened by lost children, so I decided to make a sort of flyer.

What kind of looks like a flyer? Why, a scroll book of course. So I made a scroll book, or just a scroll really. I already had a piece of paper that would work pretty well for rolling, so I decided to run with that and use only found objects to make my lost book. For the scroll rods, I used a pair of chopsticks from a junk drawer, and the fastener was once a fully-functional rubber band (green). The picture of the lost was made by imprinting a dream onto a slip of scrap paper, and the adhesive was culled from soft beetles happy to help.

Fashioning the book was not very enjoyable, but writing it, though a brief activity, was a fun one. Scrolls are very neat, and they look official and important when rolled. I would like to make more scrolls if I have a good idea for what to put in them.

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    Your book cracks me up! I love how the sort of “elegant” and archaic form of the scroll sets you up for one thing, but then that gets overthrown when you see the content. Nice work.

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