Little lost book

I have a very limited amount of supplies at my disposal, what with being broke and eternally waiting for UB to disburse loan refunds, so my book is quite small.  I think it worked out for the best, though, since I didn’t necessarily have a complete story in mind for this book.  The book is just big enough for a few sentences.

I chose to make an accordion book because, honestly, it was one of the forms that was easiest for me to remember and didn’t require a lot of supplies.  Since I wasn’t writing a lot, it’s a very short accordion. 

The most labor-intensive part of making this book was actually the text; instead of hand-writing or typing, I chose to use tiny letter stamps.  It only took about a million years.  I like how mismatched and almost shoddy the whole thing looks, though, because it’s a sad little book and it really shouldn’t look very fancy.


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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    Sounds like an interesting book, and a good learning process. Sometimes you find the book along the way and what may be unexpected or seem like a mistake works out for the best.

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