I began thinking of “Lost” and what that meant to me or of how I could explain that in a book.  I wanted my message to be relevant, but simple, clear, and not extensive.

I started going down my list of things to say and thought of subjects like school, reading, writing, my MFA program, thoughts…What I wanted to jump out was my writing.  I go through the day-to-day enough and things get complicated by deadlines.  I wanted my message to be fresh, refreshing, and to come off as light.  This was important to me.

So I started thinking back to writing, because this is fun to think about, and I thought of my character “Betty” who wasn’t liked much.  I wrote a story in my fiction workshop about an elderly woman finding out all these weird things about her husband , George, late in life.  After Betty I thought of Kierik.  I thought of “Mindbender” and Suzy in it.  I thought of “The Followers” and of the character “Chase”, of “Cherie”, of Lena from “Lean on Johnny”.  These were stories that I had invested a lot of time in and to which I had submitted, without acceptance, to numerous magazines.

I therefore decided to make a Missings pages compiled of all the lost characters who got buried due to rejections.  I wanted to profile these characters.  They took me a long time to come up with their personalities and I’d gotten to know them pretty well.  I wanted, in my own selfish way, to pay a tribute to our time together.  So, this is to them.  Cheers!


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