I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I found myself on Fuck Yeah, Book Arts!, as well, and I was immediately smitten with a piece by Teresa Tsang:


For me, without knowing anything about the contents of the book, this evoked very strong feelings.  The old saying of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is nonsense, after all; I totally judge books by their covers.  And now by their binding, apparently.

I think I’m drawn to simplicity and the more traditional book form.  I certainly appreciate the artistry involved in making a book from atypical materials, but I think this is an example of how a fairly traditional looking book can also be very special and unique.  I would be more interested in incorporating small, surprising elements into my work than trying to create a book out of something unusual (although my friend showed me a book she made out a stuffed animal and that was pretty rad).

I would really like to take a stab at trying something like this.

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I love this book you’ve found, and you make a good point. During the course of the semester, we’re going to look at all kinds of books (books as sculpture, traditional fine binding, mass-produced books, and everything in between), and different things will appeal to different folks. While it can be creatively challenging and interesting to create a book out of materials that aren’t traditionally used, it’s also a challenge to try to bring a concept into the traditional form through color choice, adaptation of the cover or binding, etc.I’m looking forward to discussing these ideas further in class!

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