Party food!

Hello everyone! I am sure you are all very busy making beautiful books, but let’s remember why we’re doing this: to have a fantastic party and show them off! And, you know, learning, and artistic growth, and all that, but really–parties. Here is my list as of now of who is bringing what sustenance for our end-of-semester party:

Jessica Jonas           Key lime meltaways/Nonalcoholic beverage of some kind

Danielle Anano         Brownies + beer/wine

Matthew Falk          Plates + napkins

Dawn Gannon           Some dessert

Tracy Gnadinger       Dessert hummus / wine

Marie Thrailkill        Wine

Emily Lee               Some kind of dessertish thing

Heather Moss                   Candy

Samantha Stenco      Cups

Gavin St. Ours         Cookies & booze

Nora                      Baked goods

Kevin                     Sodas

Ashley Payne           Candy & themed food

Kevin Walls             Cheese tray

Rachel Wooley         Chips/pretzels

Karen Stroker           Wine+cups (maybe cheese)

Ken Broomey           Soda

Amanda Gilleland      Veggies & dip

Anthony Mall           Awesome cookie

Lauren Beck            Wine / snack

Kimberley Lynne      hummus, carrots, crackers, cheese

Christina Lengyel     guacamole, chips, champagne

Megan Stolz            fruit tray + forks

Jenny O’Grady         Cheese


We’ve got a nice assortment of finger foods (sweet and savory), wine, beer, and some non-boozy drinks. What we need:

1. A few extra wine and beer openers
2. An additional plates/napkins person (I’m all about backup so that if someone gets sick, we’re not raiding paper towels from the bathroom)

Send me an email if you are on the list and are changing your mind about what you’re bringing, or if you’re not on the list and would like to be, and good luck to everyone with the book creating!

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