Traditionally Hard-Bound work of Art (at least in my opinion)

Not sure whether my favorite traditionally hard-bound book “counts” on the basis that it’s not hand made, but I LOVE my copy of Hunter Thompson’s The Curse of Lono, illustrated by Ralph Steadman. It’s not just Thompson’s writing or Steadman’s illustrations that make me love this book – it measures an awkward 11×15 inches (note – it’s not the ideal book to bring in your carry on if you’re taking a flight – you’ll get on the nerves of the stranger sitting next to you). Once you remove the dust jacket, the book is black writing on a white background – a stark comparison to the colorful and bizarre illustrations inside. I generally opt for smaller sized books with minimal images, but the oversized measurements of The Curse of Lono are something I find almost nostalgic, perhaps it reminds me of reading as a little kid, when pretty much every book was oversized (at least in comparison to a little kid). I’m also drawn to the fact that I can’t help but become absorbed in reading it or perusing the drawings because its size inundates my entire line of vision and peripheral vision.¬† Either way, this book is by far my favorite hard cover book not only for content, but for it’s larger than life design.

The Curse of Lono


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