I found lots of cool stuff that I wanted to post but I’ll try to control myself. First, in light of having recently studied erasure poetry, I thought this book was stunning–it’s by the woman who did Nets based on Shakespeare’s Sonnets. The cover isn’t all that cool but the erasure is, which is the second picture. 



This is just so insane and so cool looking that it almost makes me reconsider whether I could feel differently toward erasure.  

The next one isn’t traditional, but I wanted to share it because for the first time I actually felt excited about the prospect of trying to make a “book” that wasn’t traditional. This is a big step for me even if I still feel the need to put “book” in quotation marks when it seems more like art and less like a book. I also wanted to find a book with a wood cover because I’d like to do that but I couldn’t find any, which is weird because I’ve come across them on past searches without trying. Go figure.  




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