Semi-traditional hardbound books

I found a couple cool examples of hardbound books that I really liked. The first image I found was on etsy, on a page that gives instructions for how to repurpose old books. Using the old bookcovers, new hardbound books are created with rings to hold paper instead of sewing paper signatures. I also really liked this example because they are covered in fabric šŸ™‚

The other example I found is also a repurposed hardcover book,Ā but made into an accordian. It looks like the board was cut halfway so that it would bend without breaking and then made into an accordian. The pages are made of old envelopes, to which I was also very much drawn. Unfortunately, wordpress keeps giving me an error message when I try to upload the picture, so here is the link to the image if you want to checkĀ it out.

I definitely like the look and feel of hardcover books, and in my experience so far, I have enjoyed making them too. Overall, hardcover books seem to appeal to me more than softcover, though I have enjoyed looking at examples and working with them in class.


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