Marta Ryczko

Marta Ryczko

This artist has some really cool and abnormal hard cover books. I first saw her little legends series and was super impressed with the quality of the hard cover. What makes this so incredible is how absolutely tiny these books are. If you look at the picture you would think it was a regular size quality art hard cover. That is very impressive. They are so cute and vibrant. The other series that was super neat is called alien/ recognition. It’s two hard covers fused together  by the back covers. One of the books one flipped upside-down to get the affect of two front covers. It’s a really interesting idea. It made me want to try and attempt this really neat hardcover.

A limited edition boxed set of handmade books. Each box contains tiny 3″ x2″ illustrated books, each one about a different legend from Polish folklore. Printed on thick watercolour paper and bound in Nepalese handmade paper, each cover is silkscreened with silver ink and a foil stamp was applied on the box. Legends included are Sir Twardowski, The Warsaw Mermaid, and The Wawel Dragon. Edition of 3.

An edition of 12 double-sided books featuring black and portraits of my friends on one side, and abstract juxtapositions of said friends on the other side.

The idea is that we can only imagine things that we have already seen or have a previous knowledge of. When we think of aliens or monsters, we seen them as vaguely humanoid, or at least having humanoid features. We are also the only animals that look to find and recognize our selves in nature and in objects.


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