Kevin Walls-blogpost, selling handmade hardbounds

I found a website that sells hardbound handmade books. The site is a blog written by Rhonda Miller and it disguises her progress in making a profit from creating books, which maybe an interesting way to pay for more artistic projects.


I thought it was cool how some of her customers wanted their handmade books to really look handmade, and when they were too “well done,” they questioned Rhonda about whether or not her work was actually authentic. I don’t find making my own books that difficult, but then again I have the time and motivation to make my own and maybe other people (some in strict professions) don’t have the time.


Her work is for sale on Esty and Ebay. Ashe writes that leather books seem to sell better than other forms of hardbound books, which makes sense for the average price people are willing to pay. She sells hardbound for around $35.00, and leather bound journals for $50.00 to $60.00.

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  1. Ha, funny. I didn’t realize we covered the same person! She’s got some great books.

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