Colorful Classics

I took the same initial approach as many of you and turned to the all-knowing Google to help me find some awesome hardcover books. An image search for  “traditionally bound hardcover books” yielded numerous lovely works of art, but this particular image grabbed my attention almost immediately.

I think it’s a combination of the colors used and the new take on classic binding, content, and themes in these well-known books that really excited me. Their designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith, works for Penguin and has certainly designed some beautiful covers!  After reading this Interview on the Penguin Blog about Coralie, I learned that even aside from redesigning these classics, she has designed other things (equally impressive) and won the ‘British Book Design and Production Award for the Classic Boys’ Adventure Series: The Lost World.

Growing up, I loved reading the classics. I remember, my grandpa had worked out some deal with a traveling book salesman that would allow him to get one classic shipped to him every month. They were usually brown or deep burgundy with gold accents; beautiful in an antiquated way, while these are modern and bright and refreshing.

Penguin has posted pictures onto Flickr of all the different cover designs and they are just so neat.

Here are some of my personal favorites:


It’s really hard to choose only a few, especially because they look so good side by side:)

Another cool site I found had books called tankbooks that display the classics in little pocket-sized books that look like little boxes of cigarettes. Here a link, check it out! 


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