What I have found so far from this class is that no matter what I do, no matter what I make—I am a traditional book girl at heart. And while I have seen plenty of amazing designs and ideas for books through my searches online, there is just nothing like a plain, normal book. But then again, traditional definitely does not mean plain or normal, so I take that back. And although traditional books can certainly be old and boring, I am now obsessed with buying paper and other materials to make books that I love. I’m also happy to know that all of the techniques we’ve learned so far in class (hardcover books being my favorite) are something I can use in the future for other creative endeavors. I have a feeling that a lot of my family and friends will be getting books for Christmas and their birthdays. I don’t know what they are going to do with them—but I like the idea of being able to make something that is personalized and also useful. I have also been converted from believing a good looking book has to be mass produced or designed by a publisher. I know that that is simply not true, a lot of book designs/covers are not very attractive, but the book itself—cover, spine, paper—I also thought looked best because it was mass produced, and everything (usually) is cut and centered perfectly. Knowing that I, too, can make a perfectly cut, centered, and designed book is rewarding and something that I’d like to keep at after this final semester at UB.

Here are some handmade books that I liked and found inspirational for my own projects:


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