Give me the classics

So as usual, I started brainstorming for ideas by doing a quick search online for a “traditionally bound hard cover book.” I scrolled through the pages of images until I came across this picture…

with Ribbon Marker

I’ll admit, it was the ribbon that first caught my eye. I’m very fond of having embedded bookmarks. My skill of losing those that aren’t attached is at its peak, and I’ve never been a corner-of-the-page bender. As a waitress, I find books with bound-in bookmarks serve me well and help to keep my head organized in a chaotic and fuzzy blur of action.

This picture led me to this website:

It was looking at the pictures there that I remembered some of my favorite books are bound in leather. Though I doubt the mass-produced objects on my shelf are handmade, the products on this website are and I was impressed at the amount of exquisite detail in each project. I also very much enjoyed admiring their other products, specifically the medieval bindings. It seems to be a made-to-order kind of book shop. Customers can specify the size, binding, and sometimes color of the book they want. They have certainly found a beautiful way to make art a business, or make business an art. It gave me an idea for a late life plan, something I’d be interested in doing one day as a living. I think I’d travel to the UK just to visit them (you know, if I had the money for a one-day, two-way trip across the Atlantic!)

-Dawn Marie Gannon


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