Reflections on Lost and Found book assignment

Reflections on “Lost” and “Found” book assignment
In a broad sense, I think the most important detail that I took away (and I found this to be true during each project) was a singular moment of clarity where the project began to   really make sense in terms of both how and why. This moment did not occur until was sitting down with the gathered materials and had began to make the book. It happened inside of the process, and thus largely I in the belief that this “creative” moment is not even possible in an abstract sense. That is, despite hours of rumination on each project, and attempting to mentally conceptualize each project, each process failed to render something that I had consciously projected as a possible outcome. That is not to say that during the process I was not able to “see” what is was that I was working towards, just that this did not happen until it moved deeper into the process. The lesson I think is the importance of not over planning something creative. You have to leave room for discovery, for the project to deviate somehow from what you have envisioned, and then how to either reign it back in, or let it get away from you (but in a good way).
In a smaller sense, but not necessarily less important, I realized that was going to have to work with the the skills, materials, and time available. I came up with several ideas, some i tried and failed, and others just weren’t practical as a result of limited resources/time. Some were good ideas to be shelved for possible future projects, so not all was lost. Note: If you are thinking about making a book out of leaves, bark, and twigs, it is much more difficult than it might sound. They key may lie with having the correct type of adhesive. Creativity seems to arise out of the necessity of having to work with what is available.
-Ken B.


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