reflection on Lost and Found

When I first heard about the assignment, all I could think about was that tv show I never saw (and still have no interest in) called LOST, and that I wished the assignment were about something else. That’s why I did my “found” book first — because I couldn’t get that dumb show out of my mind and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. 

I had the idea to do an erasure-style book for my “found” book because I thought it would be like finding the poetry within the sea of text. It was serendipity that I had books about Montana and Maryland in my Book Thing pile that I use for crafty purposes, because locations fit perfectly with the idea of lost and found. I haven’t finished my “found” book yet because there is a lot of erasure work to do, but as soon as I get it back, I am going to start working on it a little bit every day.

The “lost” book, once I got over the name, was actually easier for me. Everyone else in class is saying that the book with text was easier, but I am a very visual person and I spend a lot more time creating visual art than I do writing. (I am better at writing, though — that’s why I’m in a writing program.) I knew I wanted the “lost” book to also pertain to locations, like my “found” book, so I went looking at maps online and hit on the idea of using screenshots from Google street-view. MapCrunch made that easy because they take the user to random street-views without having to do any leg-work at all. My only constraint was that I didn’t want to use a view from the same country more than once. I liked this book so much that I would like to reproduce it with color photos. 



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