Lost & found

I actually found using words only (for my lost book) to be more challenging. Maybe because I took it so literally — I noticed that a lot of my classmates bent the rules more than I did. I do wish I’d done a little more with the cover, at the very least. It took me awhile to come up with the concept, but I did enjoy the results of burning the edges of my pages. For the content inside the book, I just went back through one of my more recent “old notebooks” and found the essay (if you will) dealing with the loss of sound in light (or something like that). Another thing I wish I’d done was to print the words onto the pages before I burned them. Then again, I do enjoy working with the brown pen I used to write it out.

The images-only “found” book was a lot more fun for me. I knew almost right away that I wanted to do a tunnel book (so that it would be 3D and so I could put things within the layers to be “found”) but also that I wanted it to have a cover (I guess so that what was inside could be “found” too). I was digging through a box of art supplies looking for something — I don’t even remember what, now — when the idea of the gears came to me. The gears I used are all web images, with various amounts of photo-shopping done to each. A couple hours of cutting and gluing later, I had the insides for my book. I used cardstock for everything to make it sturdier, and covered the cover in a piece of scrapbook paper. The clock hands were just cardstock layered and glued together (all of the materials — for both books — were things I already had at home).


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