Lost And Found Reflections

The two books I created for this assignment were very different in concept and design, and I rather viewed them as unrelated throughout the process of putting my work together. For my lost book I was primarily interested in the writing. I enjoyed making a ridiculous and abstract dialogue about a disgruntled person who has presumably lost a bet. I wanted to make the book small and tidy, but unfortunately I was a bit rushed putting it together. I needed a special white marker pen to write on the black construction paper I used, and the white foam paper I used for the cover proved difficult to sew through. If I could do it again I think I would prefer to try the matchbook, or pamphlet style for this book, as I think those binding methods are more conducive for something so small.

I was much happier with the work I did on the Found book. For me the project had to begin with an actual find. The negatives I chose to connect through the project were all found in a box I haven’t looked through in years, and were amusing memories to suddenly recollect. I chose the black paper, reinforced by card stock, and the tunnel book method to create what reminded of an old styled camera. By attaching the negatives at angles that forced the strips to curve inward and outward, I think the piece showed the warped nature of many memories, especially ones you haven’t thought about in a long time….




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