Lost and Found Reflection

I had too many ideas to start out with, relating to the theme of Lost and Found, which is what makes it such an excellent theme to work with. I fooled with using all found objects, of course, but also of drawing a number of objects I have lost from memory, among a number of other ideas that felt pretty obvious to me. Ultimately, I decided to make one about people and another about objects.

My Lost book had a St. Anthony medal on the cover. I wanted it too have the vib of a religious object, but also of a yearbook (hence the yearbook photo drawings contained within) because I think that yearbook’s often have a ghostly, lost quality about them – think about how little many adults resemble their high school yearbook. It’s like a photo of a person who no longer exists, is lost forever except in the memories preserved by something as goofy as a yearbook..

My found book contained a list of things that I find along the road here in Baltimore. I walk alot, so I find things. Sometimes I bring them home and they are no longer lost, usually I leave them there and they stay lost. I wanted to reflect that in the list, so I made sure to include both valuables and trash, as well as interesting objects and boring ones.  In the back of the book I made a second book (or a pop-up, or fold-out, or whatever you want to call it.) that contained no images, except a perforated white line that created a roadway.

Playing with the fold-out format was fun. I learned how I would do it better – by using some kinder of spacers and making the accordian part of the book have more folds – and I had a good time doing it. I think I would like to try it again – as well as make an entire hardbook, lareg format fictional yearbook – but with more pages as well as cut outs and pop ups.


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