Lost and Found books

For this project I initially started with the image of a message in a bottle. I had originally planned to integrate an actual bottle into the work. I quickly acknowledged that it might not be the best decision to create a handmade book and then stuff it into a bottle where it will never be read. Yet I kept this visual in mind for the first book, on which I used a textured paper decorated to look like an unreadable script. Inside of the cover, I used stencils with a stencil-style typeface to suggest at cargo washed ashore.

This theme followed into my second project, where I wanted to keep the washed ashore mood to the work. I found a canvas journal cover that was made from old sacks of coffee, and used it to achieve this feel. The use of a magazine inside seemed to work because most of these books are 80% images, and the collision of something bright and new with something worn and dull felt right.

The books seem to work together thematically, although I feel like the ‘Found’ book is a bit more sloppier than I would have appreciated. While this certainly works within the theme,  I wonder in retrospect if the tunnel book might have been a better choice for the ‘Found’ book, as it seems to be one of the most visual forms that we have learned so far.




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