Lost and Found

When considering the topics of “lost” and “found” I first thought of the song “Amazing Grace.”  My original idea was to do a Christian based book using the idea of lost sheep and a shepherd.  That would have worked nicely for the picture book, and it could have been the “lost” book or the “found” book.  The problem was that my idea felt all inclusive.  In order to create two books that complimented one another, I felt like I had to come up with another idea.

The next idea I considered was using the dictionary definition for one or the other, then writing little memoir pieces or poems that went with the definitions.  I got this idea from books by my friend Moira Egan.  In her first book of poetry, Cleave, she has both definitions of the word and poems to go with each.  In her latest collection, Spin, she uses varying definitions of the word “spin” to separate groups of poems.

My first book was entitled Lost.  I wrote short memoir pieces that went with various definitions.  Then, when I created Found, I found pictures that represented the memoirs.  The problem I discovered about the second book (graphics only – no text) was that it doesn’t really make sense out of context.  One really needs to look at the two books together for them to have meaning.  However, I suppose the interpretation of each graphic in Found could be left up to the reader.  In which case, it wouldn’t matter if the books were considered as a pair.

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