Kevin Walls-reflections on lost and found

I wish I had my two books in front of me. It’s hard to reflect on just my mental image of the work, but my creative aim is still fresh in my mind, so here it goes. These books created themselves. I had no direction or vision when starting. I decided to let the process take point. I just picked the book types (matchbook and tunnel book), gathered my materials (pencil, charcoal, file-paper and magazines), and let the two theme words take off running in my mind. I suppose finding images that represented the word found were the most difficult aspect. I relied on my eye and intuition. Drawing the word lost in interesting ways was the easier and the most enjoyable part of the two projects. I gravitate toward line drawing, always have. Hues are great for some but I prefer the subtle changes and shades of the gray scale. I think the lost and found project could be transformed into a massive undertaking, which for me would involve months finding and losing book objects from all around the city of Baltimore and then bringing them back together to see how time and nature reshaped their form. I’d need a gallery space to show off what I believe could be a large collection, but for now I’m happy with my little tunnel piece and the matchbook it contains.


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