I have to say…

I have to say that probably like everyone else in this class, I enjoyed doing the words only book much more than the images only.  But it wasn’t because it was easier, it was because I was surprised by what inspired me and how I interpreted it.

I originally wanted to take materials you would find in an office and use the theme lost. It seemed pretty obvious to me that these materials would feel lost being made into a book instead of being used for something it was designed for. But when I started making it, it all came together so easily and I enjoyed it so much, I changed my theme to found. Perhaps these material weren’t created to be turned into a book but they found their true purpose and beauty when they were made into a book. It was a really interesting thought process that helped me look at bookmaking as a whole much differently.

I was hoping something similar would happen with the lost images portion of the project but it didn’t. I still was able to do something interesting and something that pushed my ability in bookmaking, but it lacked the artistic inspiration I experienced in found.

The two books compliment each other nicely and I think make a lot of sense as a pair. Looking at them together  I think could spur even more unexpected creativity. It is something I look forward to.


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