Finding my Lost Book

When brainstorming for the lost book, I began thinking about things I’ve lost, which lead to a very serious place, one that, to be honest, I wasn’t ready to share with the class. But as I thought about the big and painful things we lose I also thought of all the small things that we lose and often obsess over for a time. It’s like when you have an argument about the positioning of the toilet seat, the argument may be about the seat, but it’s also about so much more. Those small things, hairpins, keys, become representative of the large loss that we often can’t put into words.

That being said, it was easier for me to start with an image-based book, Lost, in which I drew sketches of small things commonly misplaced. The writing I did for the Found book was challenging, simply because I never feel that my writing is done, so to put a piece of writing I had just wrote into an actual book was a lesson in letting go!

In the making of the two books, I wanted to create a feeling of something that could be added to or taken away from, which is why I chose the binding styles I did: stab binding and matchbook. I was most excited about the process of nestling the lost book within the found book. I created the found book out of a mailing package, which came to mind in all of these thoughts of finding and losing as mail seems to often be in the process of one or the other. I imagined someone finding those things in the lost book and mailing them to me in the found book.

I really enjoyed the process of making these books and the way new problems and solutions cropped up along the way that I could have never forseen. It was a great process for me.


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