Lost, but found

While I did not really struggle with having to use only words or only images, there were several challenges surrounding this assignment for me. The first was figuring out which book to start with. I went with lost because I thought I could associate more words with it, or at least be able to tell a story. What happened as I was developing the book was a sort of cross association with the two terms that I didn’t really recognize until I made the found book.

The meanings of both words seemed to cross over into the realm of the actual book making as well as being the content of the books. As I made the lost book, I kept using objects I found (i.e. black paper from my pre-teen years, buttons from an old shirt in the bottom of a drawer, etc.) and I was also finding out different strategies and tricks to making the book.

Then while I was making the found book, I had used a cover that I found in my office, but at the same time was thinking that the only reason it was there was because someone else lost it. It made me question what book it should be in. I tied my books together by finding images of the words I used in the lost book. I confused myself in doing this by having, for example, a picture of a football player who had just lost a game.

As far as the actual process of the physical construction of the books, I knew how I wanted the first one to look. Luckily, the second one was a kind of spin-off since I wanted them to be connected I could model it to the example of the first. It was quite enjoyable battling the line between lost and found, and being able to join the books together helped in closing the gap and relieving the tension in my brain.

-Dawn Marie Gannon


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