Lost and Found

In reflecting on these two books, what comes to mind first is disappointment. I was disappointed  that the idea I saw in my head for both of these books did not translate at all to the final product. I think my expectation of what I was going to do and the reality of what I could actually do did not meet up. I thought that I had all the skills and tools and time that I needed to make something awesome, but it turned out that I was missing like, 45% of each that would have really helped. The time is under my control, so now I just have to shop more and practice.

As far as using only text vs. no text, I liked having to work within those constraints. I feel like I come up with better ideas when I am given a sort of box to work in rather than just set free. I think I could have done more with the first book, like use different fonts for each lost item to denote a different feeling, but I was happy with the list of things that I was able to come up with. It was nice to recall the summer when I just HAD TO HAVE jelly shoes, and remembering when I finally decided that my mother had been right, they were horrible, but she could never know so I had to “lose” one. The idea for found was more abstract, and something that just fit into what was going on in my life that week – finding the right jeans. The construction on the found book was troublesome, as was loosing half of it, but I like to think that I can only go up from here. Thinking about the time that it took just for those little books is really giving me angina about the midterm though. I probably should have started construction like, last month.


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