Lost and Found

Although I enjoyed the first book I created with words, I found it easier to be more artistic in my design when all I had to work with was images. I enjoyed the second book more possibly because I wanted to explore some of the new forms we learned in class. I never knew there was so much involved in bookmaking, and even though we learned about unconventional methods in creativity class, it still astounds me what one can make with such few materials.

For my image design, I wanted to use some of the tools I learned from graphic design and typography to create my images. I also knew I wanted to use the blind form. Due to lack of resources, I didn’t have much room for color, but this actually enhanced my book. By using the blind form with black and white images, the book took on its own unique design. The symmetry of the Indesign results with the layered effect of the blind form fit perfectly with its “lost” meaning.

I enjoyed learning how everyone else envisioned and created their book forms. I’m hoping to explore this new depth of creativity with our midterm assignment.


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