Lost/Found Thoughts

I wanted to explore both matchbook and tunnel forms and let form dictate content and vice versa.

The humber of letters in LOST dictated the number of pages and the letters dictated the LOST lists: loves, occasions, skills, and tastes. Those lists then led to the controlled burn edges and the painting treatments. I needed heavier stock to hold the warped painted pages and I wanted the matchbook to have a rigidity, so I used old Ritz Carlton cards from my banking days that also represent loss. I like adding dimension to books, and the raised sewn letters almost look like scars. Sewing the pages together at the bottom created a tail on which I could hang an actual matchbook from my past.

I noticed that the heart cut-out of the sample tunnel book from class cast a heart gobo light and that inspired the FOUND tunnel book. I tried to trace heart, spade, club and diamond images from playing cards but they were too small so I searched through glyphs and found all four in Courier New. Spacing images is easier with InDesign anyway. I bought a new blade and that made all the difference in cutting out the images; I also discovered that holding the knife still and turning the page made cutting curves easier. I used the negative cut-outs as decoration. I messed up the placement of interior tunnel pages, but that mistake taught me how adhering to the “mountain” folds results in different functionality of the book. I staggered the clubs and spades to cast light shadows into the interior pages and aligned hearts and diamonds to cast light outside the book, and that led me to understand that alignment will cast luck outside and alteration will cast luck inside.

I kept the color schemes of both books similar so they could work as companion pieces. LOST is much messier than clean FOUND. All the materials in both books were found around my house except for the star brads on the FOUND book.


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