I definitely fe…

I definitely felt less at ease with the Found book of images than I did with the Lost book of text. I appreciate and love books without words, but when it comes to making them myself, I realize how heavily I rely on text as my art form. I have never been as strong in the visual arts, but I do enjoy and appreciate them, as well as the opportunity to experiment with them, particularly when it comes to making books.

I enjoyed the creative activity of tying the two books together. My Lost book was completely inspired and dictated by my daguthers suggestion to use a sock that had lost its partner. To use the sock, I realized that a stab bound book would work best. I wrote a poem about what lost means to me and used it as my text. I didn’t experience many challenges with this assignment; I enjoyed incorporating my daughters suggestion, the inspired writing, and the overall process.

Creating my Found book was a more difficult process. I didn’t have anything particular that I wanted to include, and I wasn’t inspired by any specific images with which I could determine my next steps. I ended up starting by covering book board with a piece of cloth that I had ‘found’ in Joann’s fabric in the scrap bin. I thought about the poem I had written, thought about what I do when I feel lost, in whom or what do I seek comfort or inspiration. I decided then to go with a flag bookf illed with images of people and things that help me to find myself when I am feeling lost. For a final touch, I glued lavendar petals inside (lavendar represents peace) and splattered the pages with watercolors, a practice that I find very relaxing and therapeutic. Although it was much easier and more natural for me to make the Lost book with text, I enjoyed the challenging process of the image only book, in both content and relativity to the first book.


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