Words & Images: Reflection

I really enjoyed working with the restraint of using only words and only images. I think it reminded me how powerful the two can be when used separately as well as together. I had a more difficult time finding image only books; many of the image books I found still used text in some way. But after a lot of Googling I discovered some pretty AMAZING works or art! It was certainly worth the hunt. It was also really fun to see how the book artists I came across bound their books and to be able to recognize their specific method of binding as what we had learned in class.

It was more difficult than I expected to use only words, however, it allowed me to think about how I could bend the rules a little and use words not only as my text but also as a decorate aspect to the book. I cut up pages from an old and yellowing book into confetti sized pieces and then glued it (in thick layers) to the pages of my first “text only” book. Then I glued my poem over it. Technically, I stuck to the words only rule, because the little pieces just had text on them, but the confetti sized words were a neat background that added another dimension of texture to the book instead of it just being words on a blank page. It was really fun to try and figure out how to make my book aesthetically pleasing while also adhering to the “rules”.

I like my two books together because, like the ideas of “lost and found”, they are somewhat opposites in appearance. The first, text only, book is busy and textured. Both are small, but the first one is thicker. The second book is sleek. It shares some of the same color schemes as book one, but it is more compact. They share a lot of qualities, but in many ways they are opposites and I love the way they play off one another. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out and will be using them as decoration for my coffee table.J


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