Reminiscing on Lost and Found

When deciding how to tackle this assignment by using words, I had trouble disconnecting lost from found, so I decided to combine them somehow. I did this by recycling poems or writings by another author, rather than creating my own story. I also thought it’d be interesting to combine both lost and found rather than looking at them individually.

Looking back, however, I see that I made things harder by using writing that was not my own because it would have been a lot simpler to start from scratch. That is why I focused on the layout and formatting of the text, and not on what the poems contained. By doing so definitely helped me when it came to using only images for my next book. I didn’t just cut the text randomly for the Dickinson book, but rather chose to format the pages so that what is readable could create a new poem with the text on each page.

For the images, that helped me to brainstorm some sort of logical story, and quite honestly, I felt that using only images was a lot easier than using text, which really surprised me. It also helped that I had chosen to combine lost and found in my first book, so brainstorming a new book with a clear beginning, middle, and end was a lot simpler than thinking about how I was going to break up Dickinson’s poems so they could be attached to other poems to create something new.

I feel that both exercises will be useful in our current midterm assignment because now I have to do the impossible—combine both text and images in some sort of congruent storyline. From this exercise I have found that for me, visuals are a lot easier than using text, so hopefully using the two together will generate some exciting ideas for me.

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  1. Just found your blog and LOVE IT! Thank you for all the great inspiration, thoughts and introductions to fabulous artists. Many thanks for sharing!

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