Lost and Found

The most challenging thing about using only words was to try to find a way that made the words themselves visually appealing and to somehow spread ‘lost’ over multiple pages. I think I found only words to be more challenging because I didn’t have many ideas at first, although I also, as circumstances had it, had a lot of time to think about what I was going to do for simply images before I started working. There are plenty of books without images at all and of course the design of the words on the page can make the page beautiful, but working with one word – as I ended up doing – is not something I’m used to.

I think I preferred working with only images because I loved that the book had the potential for multiple stories. I made a map tunnel book which had two different couples who were linked to two different places. I liked that the book prompted the idea that these two people had met each other in this place but left it up to the reader to decipher what their relationship was and how or why they ended up in the same place. Even I didn’t know for sure but I enjoyed entertaining possibilities.

The last two weeks were both examples of being inspired by materials and examples around me. My lost book was inspired by children’s books which I see a lot of since I babysit to pay the bills. My found book was made from a map that I acquired while traveling. I didn’t intentionally make them a set and it occurred to me later that maybe that would have been an interesting element. But I was fairly pleased with them individually despite thinking that they could have turned out better if I was able to revise them in some way.


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