I really enjoye…

I really enjoyed making my two books. Surprisingly, I had more fun than anticipated while fun making the images-only book simply because I had never thought to make one before. I’m definitely more comfortable using words than images, especially when given the choice to use exclusively one or the other. I’m looking forward to trying to make a book that incorporates BOTH text and images – there were a LOT of great ideas in class, and it got the wheels turning on how I can incorporate images into my own writing.

I definitely felt more challenged with my Found book, which used only pictures. This would have been particularly MORE difficult had we not been exposed to the various types of bookmaking – I think the forms of the books we were introduced to in class were definitely helpful in enforcing our ideas. For instance, the tunnel books were difficult to “read,” but this loss of legibility was complementary to the concept of loss.

The biggest challenge I faced with both the Lost and Found books was coming up with ideas on not only the content of the book, but also the concept and the execution of that concept. In our writing workshops we’re faced with generating content; in other courses (Typography, Book Publishing), we’re faced with concept. Even though my Lost and Found books were simple from both context and concept perspectives, it really reminded me of the importance of seeing the “full picture” when creating anything (or at least trying to see some semblance of a full picture).


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