New York Times Book

Books like the one pictured below, and the handful of others like it that I found around the web this week, are what inspired my ‘found’ book for this week’s homework.

The book seen here is upcycled newspaper from the New York Times. While it isn’t entirely images, the focus is more on the photos and layout remaining on each page than the words themselves. The words that are present are removed from their original context, and are more recognizable for the shapes they make together on the page. In this way, these shapes made by blocks of news copy act as images.

What really stuck with me about the use of upcycled materials in this case was the thought of mountains of these newspapers being printed and destroyed each day. Some of the best writers and photographers in the world put everything they’ve got into this publication and it is intentionally meant to last for only a brief moment. Arts books like this turn this plan upside down.


The works is by Etsy artist Tony Gonzalez and it is 120 pages bound with Italian Longstich between 3” x 6” cardstock. This work and more from Gonzalez can be seen here.


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