Map to Yesterday

I found a Finnish artist named Mia Leijonstedt. She does various kinds of books and non-book art, most don’t have words. There is something about artists from that part of the world (I’m thinking of Bjork) that seems so whimsical and cute. I wonder sometimes if it’s the lack of sunlight that just makes people crazy, so what I think is cute is really some form of insanity. Anywho. She made this book called “Map for Finding Yesterday” that has no words, just images. Now that I think about it they are more symbols than pictures, but this is art so what I say goes. 

The covers of the book are driftwood and the “map” is burned through the page. Here is a close up – 

There are more pictures on the website that I can’t copy and paste here. It’s really wonderful. I have always been taken with maps, despite my (allegedly) horrible sense of direction. This one makes me think of The Lord of The Rings and specifically the Hobbit, which I am super excited about. As a kid I spent a fair amount of time trying to find all the hidden places in our house and yard. A map like this would have come in so handy.


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