Kevin Walls – Shaun Tan’s, The Arrival

Shaun Tan – The Arrival

It’s difficult to find an all image book that actually tells a story verse being a piece of visual art. I had stopped on several notable artists websites such as Karen Bleitz and Mike Stilkey before I found Shaun Tan’s work. This isn’t visual art but a story told using only images.  This is the story of a migrant to a new land and hopefully a better life. This story will probably influence my choices in the construction of my found book art.

Shaun Tan comments that he has a recurring interest in the notion of belonging, particularly the finding and losing of it. Conflict is a part of change and this is the fuel from which good stories ignite. His story in the book The Arrival is about the migrant experience of leaving your home to find a new life in a strange land, where even the basic details of existing are different and often times at odds with your sense of normalcy.

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  1. I own this book, it’s beautiful! Thanks for posting about it!

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