Image-y books

Well, I have to say that I agree with Lauren on feeling less excited about looking for image only books but alas, I have come upon a couple that are cool and although I feel that everything (well almost) is better with words in it, I have enjoyed looking at the other postings and seeing what is inspiring to other people. I even found a few that I loved amongst the many posts–like that crazy glass book, although I side with Megan on being more inclined to call that art than I am to call it a book.

One artist I found is Ginger Burrell. Many of her books had few words and were very image heavy but one in particular had only images.


 She says of the book, “EYES is a photographic experiment in the expressive potential of a single eye. Each image in this book captures an eye in the moment of expression – joy, fear, concern, puzzlement, happiness.” The blocks are also part of the book–some sort of interactive experience. 

What I am drawn to in this book is the idea behind it. I wondered if you’d be able to tell what emotion the person’s face was displaying if you only saw their eyes. On it’s own, as a mere visual book, I don’t know that I’d really be that interested in this piece other than simply as something to page through once. 

 I guess I’ve felt at a loss in terms of this week’s assignment as far as how to tell a meaningful story with only images. I know that doing so is entirely possible but I’ve really found it difficult which has made me acutely aware of how word reliant I am. 

Oh, one other artist who I found is Judith Hoffman. Two of her books are below and they are pretty cool and fun. Maybe I should just be more playful. ImageImage

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