Image Books

As I looked for books with only images, I found that I missed seeing words on the pages. I did find some creative and beautiful examples of books in the soft cover styles with which we have been working, but I had a difficult time being as excited about them as I am about books with both words and images. One of the artists upon whom I stumbled during my search was R.D. Burton. His website showcases his many styles of books, and I immediately fell in love with his accordian books. I think I was drawn to his work because of his incorporation of maps and the feeling moving something from point A to point B.  His accordian books give a three-dimensional feel to the idea of exploring images, a map that leads the eyes from there to here. Below is a picture of his book titled “Blue Highway” which contains images that would be common sites on a highway. I love the double sided accordian and the image of the map in the base of the book.

Another example of his work is a book called “Wrapped.” The closed and open versions are both shown below, along with a close up of the inside accordian style pages. I love the colors he uses, and the layers of images with cut outs to expose patterns and images. It reminds me of origami or something…more books are pictured at

I also found some amazing flag books on The books are winners of a flag book contest. One of my favorites by Hedi Kyle is displayed below. I am not even sure what it is or what its made of, but I think its just beautiful. The rest of the flag book winners can be found at There are some really cool examples of flag books here too, though some incorporate both text and images, they are all worth checking out!





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