Eamon Espey (A Comic Book Report by Timmy Reed)


Eamon Espey is a local cartoonist (read: you could probably meet him and be his friend. At least I think Eamon is a “he”, if not you could meet her and be her friend.) who makes really neat zines of beautiful narrative (read: semi. I can’t always figure them out all the way through but I like that about them.) comic books. I have, like, all of them. (Read: My girlfriend does. I don’t have any but I read hers.) I love the silence in these books. Following the weirdo plots (Read: like some kind of fucked up Mayan mescaline trip full of bizarre creatures doing things like swallowing each other or farting lightning.) without any verbal clues is a cool experience in that it allows (read: calls) for a pretty substantial imaginitive effort in order to “read” the comic. The silence also makes things much creepier, in my opinion. It lets your mind wander. They also have great titles like Asbestos Wick, Death Deals, and Wormdye. Youo can buy them at Atomic Books, or here (Read: I think you can buy them here.) at the artist’s website: http://wormdye.com/main.html


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