Wordless Wonders

It didn’t take me very long to realize what I was looking for in a book made compoletely of images. I wanted a story, and I wanted interesting art that tied the story and the pysical book together. I found a picture (below) of my exact idea. It was posted on another bookiness blog, owned by a visual artist from Australia. The book she had posted was so simple (something I appreciate, even though I have a strong flare and passion for the dramatic!) and it perfectly matched my want to see a book whose images looked like they were almost bleeding from the cover in the pages.

An Artists' Book

After I found the first style I decided I wanted to find something a bit different. Something that wasn’t as simple, and maybe had some funky and fun elements to it (not that the first didn’t, of course.) It was then that I found this old gallery exhibit website entitled Beyond Words. The book that caught my eye was called 40 poems (below), and it consists of a bunch of images on flags that you can rearrange (and I’m assuming it makes a grand total of 40 poems…)

-Dawn Marie Gannon


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